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Health Care | Chernivtsi City Council

Projection show on the Theatre square on the City Days 2010

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The center of Bukovyna (population – 238,000) concentrated almost all health care establishments of the region. 37 medical establishments (hospitals, clinics and polyclinics) provide citizens of Chernivtsi with necessary medical care. All these establishments are communal. 18 of them belong to the regional health care authorities, 15 – municipal establishments and four medical establishments belong to different organizations.

Municipal medical establishments provide following medical services:

  • Emergency care (emergency care station);
  • Dispensary and polyclinic care (5 municipal polyclinics, a municipal children polyclinic, polyclinics of two maternity houses, a polyclinic of preventive examination and Municipal Dentistry Association, which includes two dentist clinics);
  • Specialized medical care (3 hospitals, 2 maternity houses, a tuberculosis hospital and a municipal children hospital);
  • Disease-prevention and anti-epidemic services (a municipal sanitary and epidemiological station).

46.7% of medical establishments in Chernivtsi are of higher accreditation category. More than 3,300 employees work at the health care establishments in Chernivtsi, among them – 837 physicians and 1,405 nurses.

22.4% of doctors have a higher attestation category, 29.2% – the 1st category, 23% – the 2nd category of qualification.

The branch is financed from the local budget and additional sources, such as paid services, donations and a humanitarian aid. The budget of the health care makes 28.4 ml UAH. It has the following structure:

  • 73.9% – salary;
  • 5.6% – communal services;
  • 5.6% – medications;
  • 5.3% – capital construction, equipment acquisition;
  • 1.8% – transfers for population;
  • 7.8% – other expenses.

The capacity of the communal polyclinics makes 3,075 patients per shift, 980 beds (41.2 beds per 10,000 people). There are 18 mobile medical groups at the ambulance station. The doctors of the ambulance made 67,500 calls in 2004. The ambulance has its own consulting service, which provided services more than 9,000 people last year. 31,700 patients were cured in municipal clinics in 2004. 4,419 children were born in the region (2,342 – little citizens of Chernivtsi).

A department of family medical care has been functioning for three years at the 3rd municipal polyclinic. A polyclinic of family medical care was opened last July in Chernivtsi.

Bukovynian State Medical Academy and its College of Nursing train specialists for all medical establishments in the city.

About 400 doctors graduate from the academy every year, 25% of them have practical training at the municipal medical establishments. College of Nursing trains annually 200 specialists, 50% of them work at the city clinics.

The City Council plans reforming of the health care system to improve medical services in Chernivtsi.

Priorities of health care development:

  • Keeping safe sanitary and hygiene situation and prevention of different emergency states;
  • Improvement of the reanimation and emergency care system;
  • Implementation of modern medical technologies;
  • Improvement of parenthood and childhood protection

The reforms in the health care are directed on increase of financing for dispensary and polyclinic aid, implementation of the family medical care as well as participation in various state programs: “Children of Ukraine”, “Family Planning”, National program of AIDS prevention and others aimed at the improvement of the health care.

Medical service improvement presupposes reformation of the branch on the principles of multiple property and financing, medical insurance, availability and development of the family medicine.

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