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News | Chernivtsi City Council - Part 2

Projection show on the Theatre square on the City Days 2010

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The cycle of cultural, entertainment, Christmas and New Year events in Chernivtsi will last from December 18 till January 20.

Grand opening of the central Christmas tree of the city was held in Soborna Square on December 18 at 17.00 PM.

Conference of authorized representatives of the Association of Ukrainian Cities took place on December, 2 in Kyiv. It was attended by nearly 100 mayors, executive directors of regional offices, as well as guests – representatives of central government, national deputies of Ukraine.

President of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, Mayor of Dnipropetrovsk Ivan Kulinichenko congratulated Mykola Fedoruk on his election for the fifth term to the responsible and honorable post of Mayor of Chernivtsi. “For a popularly elected head there is no higher honor and awards than to serve to his community. Therefore, we wish you success in this noble cause, understanding and support from the people, energy and inspiration” – was said in the greeting from the Association of Ukrainian Cities. Association of Ukrainian Cities expressed hope that Chernivtsi will continue to be an active member of the Association and a reliable partner in building local self-government, improving its legislative framework and strengthening its financial basis, in introduction of modern management and modernization of municipal services.

The first session of Chernivtsi City Council of VI convocation, which was attended by 59 of 60 elected deputies, was informed by the Municipal Election Commission on voting results and results of elections of deputies to the City Council and Mayor elections.

Presentation of study of local media on following the European standards was carried out on November, 18 in the Blue Hall of Chernivtsi National University under the project “Promotion of European Standards in the Ukrainian Media Environment”, which is implemented by the Council of Europe and the European Union. In particular, results of monitoring of the region’s most influential media concerning level of audience and its problems reflection, ability of self-regulation, possession of professional and ethical standards, legal culture, etc. were promulgated. The study results were presented by a well-known media expert, Candidate of Philology, chairman of the committee “Equality of Opportunities” and head of monitoring projects of the Association “Common Space” Alexander Chekmyshev. The presentation was attended by local media, students and teachers of the Departments of Journalism and History, Political Science and International Relations of Chernivtsi National University, members of the project Dialogue Group.

Board of Directors of the League of Historical Cities, which met on October, 14 in the Japanese city of Nara, has adopted a decision about acceptance of the city of Chernivtsi to the League of Historical Cities.

Chernivtsi City took second place in the main rating of the socio-economic development of cities “Top 100. The Best Cities and Regions of Ukraine” among the cities with the population of 500 thousand inhabitants and became a winner among the cities of Ukraine in nomination “The Best City in Terms of Social Development”.


City Mayor Mykola Fedoruk took part in XXVI report-election General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee. Participants of XXIV report-election General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine approved a new complement of the leaders of home centre of Olympism for 2011-2014.

Deputy Mayor, Head of the Adsorption Management of the city of Haifa (Israel) Julia Shtraim arrived to Chernivtsi with the introductory visit. During the meeting with the City Mayor ways of possible cooperation and establishing direct flights between Chernivtsi and Haifa were discussed.

VI International Festival-Contest of Romanian Folklore “Diversity of Flower Garden” was held in Chernivtsi on October 8-10. The organizer of the festival was Bukovynian Art Center of Revival and Promotion of Romanian Traditional Culture, which had received a grant from the Chernivtsi City Council to support this social youth project. Suceava Culture Center “Bukovyna” and Regional Center of Aesthetic Education “Youth of Bukovyna” were co-organizers of the festival. Children and youth from Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria participated in the festival.

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